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A drumstick is the only direct link that exists between you and your drum set. Because of that, it is very important that you choose the best drumsticks to ensure a high-quality and convenient performance. To choose from so many available products, types, and brands of drumsticks becomes a chaotic experience. Therefore, a detailed and precise guide can lead you to a final decision; to find your perfect fit, and providing information on drum stick tips.

Just like drumsticks come of various kinds, they are used for variety of sound effects; thereby, wide range of factors shall influence your purchase decision. This guide will take you through an in-depth description of the drumsticks that we have deemed to be the bests – best drumsticks for beginners, more specifically. A product that will allow you to perform and learn to get better simultaneously.

Best Drumsticks For Beginners – Editor’s Choice

Perhaps going through the entire guide is something you cannot manage, right now. So, here are the two best options of the 7 best drumsticks for beginners according to keen analysis through customer reviews, available features and the budget it reasons with. If you are in a hurry, then reading this section will provide enough information on parts of drumstick that you should be focusing on.

Our Top Best Drumsticks For Beginners

Best Budget Drumsticks For Beginners

Donner Snare Drum Sticks 5A Classic Hickory Wood

Donner Snare Drum Sticks 5A Classic Hickory Wood

Donner Snare 5A Classic Hickory Wood Drumsticks comes with several features, but is not extremely expensive. The tip is corrosion resistant, and the product is overall non-toxic and odorless. It avails features which are not only convenient for your use, but also ensure enhancement of your performance. The cymbal sounds produced through the tear drop tip give bright and full sounds, which add richness to your overall performance. It makes us question, do drumsticks make a difference.

Best Feature-Rich Pick Option

ProMark ActiveGrip Black Rebound 5A Acorn Tip Drumsticks



Promark ActiveGrip Forward Drumsticks, Acorn Tip, Black, Rebound 5A




ProMark ActiveGrip Black Rebound 5A Acorn Tip Drumsticks are the best when it comes to features because it has been ingeniously engineered with the heat-activated grip coating that becomes tackier as your palms get sweatier, with the rise of your body temperature.

A Quick Comparison Table – Best Drumsticks for Beginners

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Here forth are Top 7 Drumsticks in 2020! Each product is accompanied with details about its built, benefits, limitations and overall quality of service. You can, therefore, understand the specifications and their uses, and what are the different types of drumsticks.

There will be clear description of differences between maple vs hickory drumsticks, and which one will be better for you. The information will help you to come to a final decision on which product fits your requirements the best. At the end of this guide, you will be able to choose the perfect drumstick for yourself and begin the journey of your memorable performances.

1. ARLX 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks

Drum Sticks 5A Wood Tip Drumstick
Drum Sticks 5A Wood Tip Drumstick
Key Features
  • Natural finish for comfortable grip
  • High quality construction
  • North American Maple wood material
  • Slip resistant, gloss-free coating
  • Compact and convenient size
  • Oval drum stick tips
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Ideal for youth rock band drummers
  • Amazing availing of jazz orchestral pit work

This maple wood wooden oval tip drumstick from ARLX 5A comes with convenient user interface, which specifically caters to beginners. It is easy to grasp in your hold, and does not feel either too light or too heavy. It will help you produce warm and full sounds, acting as a resourceful direct link between you and your drums. Buying this product will bring you several beneficial services, which will help in making your experience as a beginner better and easier.

It is lightweight, but avails amazing performance because of its high quality North American maple built. This set of drumsticks are the perfect partner for you to play in youth rock bands, drummer playing and more. It ingenious built allows you to have a comfortable grip without worrying about the drumsticks falling out of your grasp. This product comes with resourceful features and specifications.

The gloss-free non-slipping coating allows you to have a comfortable grip and provides a long-lasting protective layer for the beautiful North American maple finish of the drumsticks. Oval tips allow you to produce full, balanced and rich sounds, that match the level of jazz orchestral sounds, and are especially great for youth rock band drummer playing at beginner level. Let’s understand the major features of this drumsticks:

  • These drumsticks offer many ingenious features for the price it come in. Also, the oval tipped drumsticks provide full, rich and balanced sounds.
  • The North American Maple finish gives a beautiful look and long-lasting layer to ensure that they last for years together when it comes to practicing and performing.
  • The gloss-free coating is great for prevention of slippage and provides a comfortable grip to the drummers making your practice sessions excellent and flaw-less.
  • These drumsticks are lightweight and compact; therefore, they are easy to maneuver and perform.
  • They work as an efficient direct link between you and your drums and are perfect for beginner level due to being easily accommodable.
  • The maple is wide-grained and may not fit to the expectations you have of it
  • It is not a hard material, and will break if you use it too harshly

Despite its few cons, this product is amazing at the price it comes in – and especially fit for beginners who will use it mostly for practice and performances rather than a full-blown gig. The maple construction with the gloss-free coating allows you to have a comfortable grip, which allows you to perform without the tension of losing the drumsticks out of your hold. Its lightweight allows you to play fast, as well.

2. ProMark ActiveGrip Black Rebound 5A Acorn Tip Drumsticks

Promark ActiveGrip Forward Drumsticks, Acorn Tip, Black, Rebound 5A
Promark ActiveGrip Forward Drumsticks, Acorn Tip, Black, Rebound 5A
Key Features
  • Thin coating adding no noticeable weight
  • No-tear long-lasting lacquer coating
  • Active Grip with heat activation
  • Harder grip with rise in body temperature
  • Natural non-rubbery texture
  • Reinvented acorn rip
  • Balanced and rich sounds
  • Fast and light in weight
  • Passionate performance
  • Larger contact surface, ingenious tip

This ProMark ActiveGrip Black Rebound 5A Acorn Tip Drumstick set is the perfect match for those who get really passionate when they are playing, and often forget about extensive aspects; aspects such as sweaty palms. This product is engineered in an ingenious way to accommodate to the heat that your palms produce. It will help you perform without feeling uncomfortable, and increase your efficiency with its own.

The main selling point of this ActiveGrip Black Rebound 5A drumstick lies in its heat-activated grip coating. One of the only drumsticks which allows you to have a comfortable grip, as well as, gets tackier with the rising temperature of your body. The sweat on your palm, often times, prevents you from losing the grasp on the drumsticks without the rubbery feeling most non-slip coatings have.

Being fully immersed in your performance can sometimes result in rise in your body temperature, or sweaty palms which result in you losing your grip on the drumsticks. With the heat-activated grip coating, you can easily avoid this issue. It may be a non-slip coating, but it doesn’t feel rubbery like most non-slip coatings do – instead, provides a comfortable feel and texture to enhance the efficiency of your performance.

  • The lacquer coating is durable and provides a comfortable feel without the rubbery feeling that most non-slip coatings give off. Moreover, the coating is thin and adds little to no noticeable weight
  • Play fast and heavy with these lightweight drumsticks without having to worry about it breaking and damaging.
  • Its reinvented acorn tip provides coverage for larger surface area for fuller and richer sounds, and increases articulation and responsiveness.
  • The most important feature is heat-activated grip coating which gets tackier with the rise in your body temperature and accommodates to sweaty palms.
  • The external most layer of the paint may wear off with extensive use, without any harm to heat-activated grip coating
  • It is lightweight, which might not be to the liking of some people who need heavy weight

Investing in this product will be extremely beneficial for you, as it comes with several ingenious features and one of the best drum stick sizes. The highlight feature is the heat-activated grip coating, which accommodates very well to your sweaty palms, or rising body temperature in a passionate performance – providing comfortable grip, and convenient use.

3. Donner Snare 5A Classic Hickory Wood Drumsticks

Donner Snare Drum Sticks 5A Classic Hickory Wood 3 Pair with Carrying Bag
Donner Snare Drum Sticks 5A Classic Hickory Wood 3 Pair with Carrying Bag
Key Features
  • Strong hickory wooden construction
  • Non-toxic and odourless material
  • Environmental-friendly with comfortable grip
  • External coating with good texture
  • Water-drop hammerhead
  • Corrosion resistant, easy manoeuvring
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Ideal for young learners, beginners and performers
  • Fast and light drumming without wrist fatigue
  • Medium dimension drumstick
  • Full and balanced sounds

This polished Donner Snare 5A Classic Hickory Wood Drumsticks provide a long-lasting and comfortable grip coating. The weight of these drumsticks is perfect for all level players – beginner to pro. It will enhance your performance with its midrange weight, as it is extremely easy to maneuver. The wood finish is not only beautiful to look at, but also provides is comfortable, and slip resistance texture which prevents you from worrying about losing your grip.

The highlight of this product lies in parts of the drumsticks which are durable, and long-lasting. The strong hickory wood material comes in a beautiful texture, which allows great levels of drum beatings without sustaining any repercussions. The corrosion resistant tip does not wear or tear easily, and keeps the wood finish a constant for a long period of time. Most importantly, it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

If you are looking for a set of drumsticks which can last an hour-long session without breaking, then this product is great for you. For a beginner level child, as well, it can sustain accidental fall. The texture of the hickory wood finish provides a comfortable feel that does not slip out of your grasp very easily. The rubber-coating sometimes can exude toxic materials – but these drumsticks are non-toxic and completely safe.

  • A non-slip material can feel rubbery and be toxic – but this product is non-toxic and even odorless; which makes it environmental-friendly, as well.
  • The texture of the wood finish provides comfortable grip, and reduces wrist fatigue with the medium dimension built.
  • You can now play drums in lightning speed with its durable construction as its external layer is also long-lasting.
  • Drop-shaped hammerhead tip does not corrode easily and can be used robustly, while providing full and balanced sounds.
  • The external layer of the pain may rub off with extended use, and sometimes stain the drums.
  • If you beat the drums extremely hard in a fit of passion, then the drumsticks may break.

It provides long-lasting durability of the non-slip coating, even if the paint scrubs off with time. This product is great for beginners, as it provides a comfortable grip, and does not slip out of grasp easily.

4. Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drumsticks

Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks
Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks
Key Features
  • Shock-resistant for extreme sound quality
  • Full and rich cymbal sounds
  • Deeply back-cut tear drop tip
  • Perfect partner for beginner level drummers
  • Dense hickory wood construction
  • Durable and long-lasting design
  • Non-slip coating for comfortable grip
  • Lightning fast and light playing
  • Minimal wear and tear
  • Crisp, clear and loud sounds
  • Balanced weight for easy maneuvering

The Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drumsticks have a dense hickory wood built, which allows you to play fast and hard with it. It allows you to play freely without the fear of losing your grip on the drumsticks, or having it slip out of your grasp because of its lightweight. It is the perfect weight for you to maneuver with the drumsticks and perform efficiently. The dense wood also sustains relatively robust use.

An all-round size and perfect weight for fast playing, or any musical situation. It avails features which are not only convenient for your use, but also ensure enhancement of your performance. The cymbal sounds produced through the tear drop tip give bright and full sounds, which add richness to your overall performance. It allows you to see the clear difference in 5A vs 7A drumsticks.

For a beginner, the most important aspect of playing the drums is to create the link between yourself and the drum set. Which can only be done with the drumsticks. With this product, the process becomes easy and efficient – as it avails the basic introductory features. Its weight allows you to play without worry, and get accommodated to the workings of drums.

  • The most beneficial feature of this product is that it can withstand great levels of shock without showing it in the sounds produced.
  • The dense wood of hickory with lacquer coating is durable and long-lasting which doesn’t break easily.
  • You can play fast and heavily, with easy maneuvering using these set of drumsticks.
  • Tear drop tip allows you to produce full, rich and clear sounds which are crisp and great for performances.
  • The size may be on the smaller side, which several customers don’t want
  • Tear-drop tip can sustain corrosion with extended period of use and chip off

This product is great for beginners as it can sustain robust use, and always aims to produce crisp sounds. The clear sounds will help the learner to understand where they are going wrong, or right, and make changes to their performance accordingly. It is durable, and produces rich cymbal sounds.

5. AIEX Classic Maple Wood 5A Drumsticks

5A Drumsticks, AIEX 3 Pair Drum Sticks Classic Maple Wood Drumsticks Wood Tip Drumstick for Students and Adults
5A Drumsticks, AIEX 3 Pair Drum Sticks Classic Maple Wood Drumsticks Wood Tip Drumstick for Students and Adults
Key Features
  • High-quality maple wood construction
  • Flexible design with long-lasting polished surface
  • Non-slip material for comfortable grip
  • Reduced wrist fatigue
  • Fast response with durable construction
  • Caters to all level of players for daily usage
  • Comes in kit; waterproof bag
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Fits all types of drum styles

For daily use, this AIEX Classic Maple Wood 5A Drumsticks are great. They are perfect for beginners learning on snare drums, and are worth the price it comes in. The features it avails are ingenious, and are all catered to making the beginner’s experience efficient. Practicing with this set of drumsticks lets you improve your skills successfully; as it enhances your performance by providing convenient usage, flexible and fast playing. Adding to this, its weight is great for easy maneuvering.

This product is preferred by tutors who are teaching young learners how to perform on a drum. That is because the response of these beginner drum sticks is fast, and it is flexible in terms of usage. The overall durable construction of this product allows robust use without sustaining major repercussions. As the direct link between you and the drums, this set of drumsticks avail efficient performance.

For a beginner, or for long-term players who need drumsticks while touring, this product is very good for you. It can break with heavy use, but can sustain relatively robust performance. The flexibility of these drumsticks allows you to get immersed in drum beating, but also listen to each sound perfectly to see if you’re going wrong anywhere. As a practice drumstick set, this product is the perfect partner.

  • The durability of this product allows you to play without worrying about breaking the sticks.
  • It is perfect for daily use, and practice performances – rather than passionate live stages.
  • The polished external coating is long-lasting and allows you to have a comfortable grip without the sticks slipping out of your grasp.
  • The maple wood is flexible and avails a great fast response for efficient playing.
  • Even if it is durable, these drumsticks are limited to being great for daily use. Thus, they will break if you perform heavily in live performance, or a passionate gig.

For daily use, and beginner’s performances, this product is perfect. It avails ingenious flexible and fast response. The maple wood construction allows it to be durable, and the perfect partner for a long practice.

6. Antner Maple Wood 7A Drumsticks

Antner 3 Pairs Maple Wood Drumsticks 7A Drum Sticks for Kids and Beginners
Antner 3 Pairs Maple Wood Drumsticks 7A Drum Sticks for Kids and Beginners
Key Features
  • Beautiful maple wood construction
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Narrow and light drumsticks
  • Wooden oval-shaped tip for warm sounds
  • Clear cymbal rings on a quieter level
  • Fast playing with treated smooth surface
  • Comfortable, anti-slippery grip
  • Ideally designed for young learners
  • Flexible design to cater to gentle music

The maple wood of this Antner 7A Drumsticks provides a smooth, yet textured surface, which avails comfortable grip. This product is exquisitely lightweight, and durable at great levels. It is amazing for practicing, or for beginner level. Young learners especially gain the true benefits of this product by understanding the workings of their drums.

These drumsticks is especially popular amongst young learners because it avails simple features which enhance the performance while playing. This helps the beginner to indulge in getting better with each practice session. The most important reason on why it is popular, is because this set of drumsticks produce full and rich sounds. They are great for all types of drum styles – jazz, orchestra, electronic. This lets the beginner explore the instruments capacities, and is one of the best drumsticks for electronic drums.

This maple wood d7A drumstick can be good for you in terms of convenience of use, and efficiency. The smooth texture of the external layer allows you to have a comfortable grip, without fearing the drumsticks to slip away from your grasp. Being fully immersed in your performance, while producing rich and bright sounds allows you to grow from beginner level to pro level of drumming.

  • The smooth surface has gone through treatment to provide a more comfortable and non-slip grip, without a rubbery texture.
  • This drumstick is great for gentle music as it is specially designed with an oval-shaped tip. This wooden oval tip produces clear cymbal rings, but on a quieter level with warm tones.
  • These drumsticks accompany additional kit for easy portability and protection of drumsticks.
  • It has a narrow construction and flexible lightweight built which is easy to handle, by young learners especially
  • It is made of soft maple wood, rather than hard – which can result in easy breakage if played very hard.
  • For extremely young learners, it may be a size bigger than expected.

Regardless of its few cons, this product is great for beginners, and caters well to all types of drum styles. The maple wood looks beautiful, and lasts long because of the treatment that its smooth surface has gone through.

7. Vater Power 5B Hickory Wood Tip Drumsticks

Vater Power 5B Wood Tip Hickory Drumsticks, Pair
Vater Power 5B Wood Tip Hickory Drumsticks, Pair
Key Features
  • Wooden tips for excellent quality sound
  • Resistance to corrosion and chipping
  • No warping in the material
  • Cymbal rings with the tip
  • Moisture sustenance with ingenious design
  • Straightness and grain structure for high quality
  • Ideal size for perfect hold and grip
  • Perfect weight for easy maneuvering
  • Durable, strong, and long-lasting

The Hickory Wood tip 5B Drumsticks from Vater Power comes with an ingeniously engineered built. The features all contribute to enhance the performance level of the drummer, and preventing any possible obstruction which may ruin the drum beating. The durable construction of this product will let you see the difference in maple vs hickory drumsticks. It is perfect for beginners, but also works for pro level players.

These hickory wood 5B drumsticks are popular because of its unmatched quality. Vater Power is an efficient and trusted brand – known for its ingenious designs. The tip of these drumsticks can sustain robust use – which prevent it from corroding and chipping away. Moreover, it helps in providing full and balanced sounds because of the resourceful construction of wooden body. It accommodates well to sweat palms with its moisture sustenance.

This product can help you a lot when it comes to solo drumming performances, or such. The full and clear sounds are beautifully produced. Adding to this, these drumsticks will last long and not chip away. The drumsticks do not warp, and are available in the perfect size for maneuvering. The sounds which are produced with these drumsticks are clear and crisp.

  • The weight and size of these drumsticks allow you to use it fast, without worrying about obstructions in sound production.
  • This drumstick produces clear and crisp sounds, cymbal like rings which enhance your performance.
  • It has a high-quality gain structure, which provides it with straightness and
  • Sustenance to moisture allows you to play without worrying about sweaty palms
  • These drumsticks can break with heavy use because of its lightweight built

Because of its ingenious moisture sustenance feature, this product is great for daily use and long practices. It also comes in a beautiful hickory wood finish, the surface of which provides comfortable grip and allows you to play fast.

What to Look for in the Best Drumsticks for Beginners?

When it comes to choosing the perfect drumsticks for yourself, there are many factors that you may need to consider. There are parts of drumsticks which are more important than others, they help in enhancing the performances. Going through the point given below at the end of this guide, will allow you to understand which product is best in retrospect and choose what fits you perfectly. Therefore, here are some of the major factors that you should be aware of before buying a set of drumsticks;

  1. Drumstick Sizes: There are different sizes a drumstick set is available in. Depending on who its for, you should consider the size. A child will need a much smaller size than an adult player. Moreover, it also depends on the type of drum you will be playing – be it orchestral, or snare.
  2. Sound production: The best drumsticks of beginners will allow you to produce clear and crisp sounds, so that while practicing – the learner can see where they are going wrong, or right and making changes to improve their performance.
  3. Tip: There are many different types of tips – oval, tear-drop, round, barrel etc. These tips produce difference sounds; it can be warm for oval, cymbal ling ring for tear drop etc. It is, therefore, necessary to test the sticks out, and understand which sounds you’re looking for.
  4. Maintenance: Maintaining is an aspect that is liable to any product you own. The same goes for drumsticks; cleaning should not result in chipping of the paint, or washing away of the non-slip coating.
  5. Durability: Most drumsticks are lightweight, and therefore break easily. But its important for them to last for at least a given amount of time – and sustain throughout one performance. The tip should not corrode easily, and the overall coating and structure should resist most obstructions.
  6. Material: Hickory or maple wood are the most popular materials which are often considered when buying drumsticks. Both woods provide almost the same type of sounds, but they give different texture when it comes to grip and feel. Carbon fiber, and Aluminum and plastic are also popular materials. Other than that, nylon is another material which is popular when it comes to drumstick tips. Nylon produces different type of sound, despite having same tip as wood – but it resists to tip corrosion very well.
  7. Taper: The length of the taper results in the different of the rebound we receive, when it comes to cymbals as well; the shorter the taper, the faster the response.
  8. Additional Features: Kit is sometimes a necessary feat when it comes to drumsticks, to make the portability of the product easier and to protect it from getting ruined by moisture in the air or other.
  9. Brand Value: You must consider the product’s brand before you make a purchase. An ordinary drumstick may not last longer for the price that you pay; however, a branded option will provide warranty on their drumsticks, and guarantee on its make and material. We should always look for an option that provides warranty services and great customer service after sales.
  10. Budget: Now, because here we are focusing on best drumsticks for beginners’ budget is something that you should be considering as a priority. Look for a reasonable pick to ensure that it offers you the opportunity to practice to the highest levels within your set budget.

Conclusively, every aspect of a drumstick makes a difference in terms of its value and quality. Thus, it is important to consider every feature that the drumsticks have, and read thoroughly about its specifications so that you can get the best product for yourself.


It is necessary to consider every little to big detail that the drumstick provides. The above given guide lets you understand on how to choose the perfect product for yourself, and also gives in-depth description about the top 7 best drumsticks that are handpicked by us.

All the products above are resourceful in their own way, but the winner of this guide is the ProMark ActiveGrip Black Rebound 5A Acorn Tip Drumsticks, which consists of several beneficial qualities, and also an additional feature which makes it best out of rest. The heat-activated grip coating allows you to perform seamlessly, and have a comfortable grip on the drumsticks.